March 13, 2020 // Overflow Brewery // Danielle Allard & Suzie Q

Past Dates

August 30, 2019 // Lonestar “Loft” St. Laurent // Single Release “DARKHORSE” Launch Party



They say that life is not measured by every breath you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away. Every day in the life of Elle G is about creating one of those moments.

Since her childhood, Elle has been a fighter for her love and passion for pop/R & B music. On stage she bares her heart and soul in hopes of attaining the dreams of many and the realities of few. A career in R&B music.

Elle started singing at a very young age (like everyone always says) and by 8 years old she was playing in festivals and karaoke competitions. Eventually, with the drive to be better, she took her classical conservatory for piano and voice. Coming from a musical background, growing up with parents who fronted their own band, she would sleep beneath her mother’s keyboard while the band practiced. It was inevitable that she would one day say “Mom, I’m going to be a rockstar”. At 16 Elle realized it was time to do her own music and she started work with her first producer, writing hooks for Rap artists. At 19 she recorded her first Pop/R & B album and was awarded Best Pop Artist at the London Music Awards.

The next step saw Elle work with acclaimed vocal coach Elaine Overholt, who has worked with Ray Charles, Tina Turner, and Dionne Warwick. She was then offered the role of Linda McCartney in the top international touring group The McCartney Years Tribute band. Led by the very talented Yuri Pool, the group brought her to Nashville where she started her two year stint of touring. While she loved every second of it, the calling for her own career was starting to set in.

Before making the move to Ottawa , Elle released a new R&B album and was also nominated for the 2017 Contributor Jack Richardson London Music Awards for her work with the London Music Scene. She had created an all female artists network of over 150 of the top female musicians in South Western Ontario called ” The Doll House Showcase” and it was extremely well received.

In 2018 Elle moved to Ottawa for love, and to start the next phase of her career. She met and partnered up with songwriter/producer/ engineer Jason Wilkinson of the Artist Alliance Company, a full artist development company. In May of 2019 she signed with new indie record label Young, Wild & Free Records and the team is currently mapping out her career path and going through an extensive development plan for her label launch.

The new songs portray an Elle that shows no sign of backing down from what she believes in. The music showcases a fresh, fiery voice with a beautiful subtleness to melt the hardest of hearts. Her voice transfixes in the heartfelt verses and soars in the chorus’s showing the broad range of a girl who has worked tremendously hard.

The first single “Dark Horse” is set for release on August 30, 2019
Whether it’s a smile, a kiss or a little bit of heartbreak, Elle wants to live it and tell you about it. She will never settle for good or good enough. Her music is about the story and she is writing a great one.